FIVE MINUTES TO AIR is a comedy series about Musicbox, a local music talk show with big aspirations. However, they're plagued by incompetence, egos, and time travel as they try to put on a new show each week. To watch the entire first season, visit the FIVE MINUTES TO AIR Vimeo channel.



The series was created by Randall La Rue and Andrew Ramirez. Together, they wrote six episodes in December 2012 and filming took place from January to March 2013 in Austin, TX. Christopher Kim served as Director of Photography on episode One, with Ross Hudgins assuming the role in episodes Two through Six. Jeremy Pennington was the boom operator and sound recordist.The series premiered on June 7th, 2013. 


  • Andrew Ramirez as Andrew, the producer of Musicbox
  • Danny Blanchard as Danny, the host of the show
  • Cassadie A. Petersen as Margot, the intern
  • James Van Hooser as Thelonious Archer, the musical sidekick and cohost
  • Molly Fonseca as Erma, the boom operator
  • Tiffanie Lanmon as Tiffany, the stage manager
  • Randall La Rue as Lawrence, the cameraman
  • Kyle Sadler as the Doctor, the time-traveling alien from Doctor Who
  • Joseph Worland as the Terminator, the time-traveling assassin